Product Exchange Policy

Comprehensive sales service 

Novus Pledge Limited is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive sales service. Customer who purchases any product in our store or Online or has any questions (such as the method of use or procedures) can call (3700 5721) or email any of the stores ( and provide with receipt or your name, membership no. and contact number, we will answer and follow-up. 
Goods Exchange  
In order to ensure the quality of products, we often inspect the goods before they are sold. However the long-distance journey may cause problems from time to time. To provide the best assurance to consumers, we adopt a “7 days replacement service for problem product”, which allows you to shop without worries. Customers who purchase or receive the product within 7 days with receipt, if the product is found to have any problems when you need to replace, you can call any of our stores or email 


Product Replacement and Conditions 
Goods should remain with intact packaging for exchange. 
Original receipt is required. 
Exchanges are performed at NP Mall showroom 

When we do NOT accept Exchanges 
We are sorry that we do accept exchange in the following circumstances: 

  • Goods sold for more than 7 days; 
  • The product has been opened (except deterioration) or is used; 
  • Improper use or damage to goods caused by human factors; 
  • Lost Order delivery note or receipt.  
  • Allergic reactions (not suitable for the customer to use the product). If customers find sensitive with the products, it may be unsuitable for the customer to use the product. Novus Pledge Limited does not has any liability or bear any associated costs. 
  • Product that has “gone bad” but is used. If customer suspects that product has “gone bad”, we will direct the issue to the relevant manufacturer or distributor for inspection and verification. The normal processing time is one month. If the product is deemed deteriorated, we are willing to accept exchanges. 
  • Product that is not in original condition, damaged or fragmented. 
  • Product that already shown not accepted for return or with special discount. 
  • Any free gifts, accessories and trial gifts. 
  • Eartips, demo clearance items, MQS albums, custom made earphones and Final Inc. Make Series earphones 

Novus Pledge Limited reserves all rights of the final decision on goods exchange or relevant matters. 

Exchange Terms 
Customers can exchange once for the same product. We do not accept further exchange of the replacement product. In any circumstances, we only offer exchange service, refund will not be provided.  

Completion of the transaction
If the customer fails to exchange within 7 days from the purchase, the transaction is deemed completed. Novus Pledge Limited shall not bear any legal responsibility and will not arrange any replacement/exchange. 

14 days Exchange

This policy is only applicable to selected items.

  • Exchange of merchandise will not be accepted without a valid receipt.
  • Merchandise can be exchanged twice.
  • Merchandise will be exchanged to the item(s) at the same value; for those exchanging item(s) that have higher face value than the original merchandise, you will be responsible for the payment of price difference(s); no refund for difference(s) of price if you exchange to the item(s) that the face value is lower than the original merchandise.
  • Exchange will not be accepted after 14 days from the date of delivery or 7 days after first exchange.
  • Exchange must be made at NP Mall Service Center.
  • Exchange will not be accepted on items in any way damaged, altered or modified.
  • Merchandise for exchange must be in good and new condition (ie no scratch, crack or dent, etc.).
  • Full packaging is required when exchange.
  • Exchange will be applied to online sales on NP Mall official website only.
  • No refund will be accepted.

Note 1: The customer accepts our terms as above upon purchase of our distributed products online. NP Mall reserves all the right to the interpretation and explanation to the terms of exchange.

Note 2: Exchange is NOT applicable to eartips, demo clearance items, MQS albums, custom made earphones and Final Inc. Make Series earphones 

· Novus Pledge Limited is not responsible for the quality of supplier free gifts and trial items, and does not provide replacement service. 
· Novus Pledge Limited is not responsible for any responsibility for any errors or problems caused by improper use of the product. 
· Novus Pledge Limited reserves all right of the final decision on goods exchange or relevant matters. 


Revised on FEB 202